We are aware that many of our candidates travel to all parts of the world and the reverse happens with people arriving here. This is particularly true with people travelling to and from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the USA. Over the years Bentley Associates has had contacts with recruitment consultancies abroad but until recently has never regularised these relationships. We now recognise the value to candidates and recruitment consultancies of maintaining international relationships.

In this section we will provide contact details and links to overseas recruitment consultants that we have connections with. If you are heading to a country/city where we have listed a contact and want to work you may wish to contact them. If you do, please say that you are registered with Bentley Associates in the UK. This may make registration and reference checking an easier task and increase your chances of finding a suitable position. Similarly, if you are registered with one of the overseas agencies listed and are coming to the UK, please email us beforehand so we can arrange for you to register on a convenient day after arrival.

Please remember that wherever you are, particularly in the UK you will be required to provide proof of your eligibility to work. So bring the correct documentation when you come to register.

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